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NameBruce Amoke (m)

Date17-05-2010 09:29


Brother its so amazing by inveting our style passion in music in those western world, still we acknowledge your possession in arts and creativety. Inspire our local teens to encourage them to face competition in global arena.

NameEdwinah Orowe (v)

Date20-04-2010 12:56


I am most impressed.... keep going...

NameSebastian van Merendonk (m)

Date10-04-2010 19:44


Hey Mike,

I came across your website through links from Josephine Okumu. Your website looks very good. Great to see u r doing OK.
Good luck and we will meet again I am sure!

NameAstrid Ogelo (v)

Date18-12-2009 21:51


Hi Mike, just heard Alex will be at the gig tomorrow night. I'm sorry, can't be there, no oppas.... Next time I will hear you for sure!! Heard the mp3's on this site, amazing! Am looking forward to attend one time. Good luck tommorow.

Nameyvonne eve oyando (v)

Date16-11-2009 12:10


hey cant wait to listen to ur songs one day when u come to motherland

Nameyvonne eve oyando (v)

Date16-11-2009 12:02


hope to listen to ur songs one day when u get home to ur roots.

NameConrad Ojiambo (m)

Date13-11-2009 10:16


Hey Kaleso, good work man, keep it up and all the best, I want to hear your music too

NameFredrick Omondi (m)

Date27-10-2009 12:16


hi mzee just checkin on ur site, am impressed. Keep it up.
Fred omondi

NameByron Onyango (m)

Date26-10-2009 06:09


Big-up! Always good to see a brother doing his thing!! God Bless.


Date19-10-2009 09:17


Hey. Gud Luck. :

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