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NameAndrew Kim (m)

Date16-10-2009 15:52


Just dropping by to show support to ya career Man.. Keep it up!!

NameKarijn Kakebeeke

Date12-06-2009 17:24


Hi Mike,
It was a pleasure to hear you play at Heineken! Heard you had them all dancing by the end of the evening, I'm not surprised!

Take care,


Date08-06-2009 03:15


Wow Mike that is a really classy site. Good luck with it, your music is brilliant!

NameMarloes (v)

Date13-04-2009 20:50


Hey Mike,

Je website ziet er erg mooi uit, something to be very proud of !!

NameToti (v)

Date09-01-2009 10:28

CityDar es salaam

A big up to you and where do I get my copy Sir?You are such an OBAMA.Keep up the spirit let your passion blaze.

Namejess (m)

Date04-12-2008 16:48


wewe stlye gani hii?? you just run away where do i send the t shirts

Namevirginia vengi (v)

Date04-12-2008 12:52


woow i love the hakuna kazi album ...so we omba for more songs...gud Afro African songs aww sweet

NameAvril (v)

Date02-12-2008 15:26


Is and always will be proud of you darling!

NameJoshua (m)

Date02-12-2008 15:12


Is vipi y'all.kweli naona umekua the full JJ.Hiyo ni maendeleo.You are doing websites now heh!The way i thought i was way....with business cards.Be sure my bro will be in touch.Hiyo ngoma yako na Abbi ya koroboi ni kali.

NameKui (v)

Date19-11-2008 08:09


Great stuff..you definitely going places..Live you dream.All the best in your endeavors.

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